The Cannabis Paradigm has made it clear that humans have all the resources they need to survive; but only if they choose common sense and more consciousness.

Humanity is at a “Choice Point” on any drugs, especially about cannabis. That is because, as it was forced upon us, our innate consciousness could not balance the non-truth in the drug propaganda since 1936.

It started in the USA, spearheaded by the notorious Henry Anslinger, who became the “Drug Czar of the World”—at least as cannabis became more and more illegal.
To explain this all would take too much time to deal with, except for two things:

  1. Cannabis is the most sought after and illegal resource there is. Causing murders through cartels and gangs—all due to prohibition laws, and prisons.
  2. Drugs, food, drink, medicine, oil, fuel, industrial hemp manufacturing; and now cannabis in 26 states are declaring cannabis legal—and getting away with it—encouraged by President Obama in spite of the infamous “Global Single Treaty Convention on Drugs.” 

As food, humans have eaten hemp seeds and leaves ever since cannabis evolved. The reason is that humans’ bodies, and most mammals, as well as other species, have always had the Endocannabinoid system in their bodies—that’s right, “God the Creator,” gave us all the ability to receive health and homeostasis in our bodies.

The Endocannabinoid System backs up our Immune System when it gets stressed or unhealthy. And Cannabinoids must get into the body for the endocannabinoid system to function at full potential. Over 50 endocannabinoids and compounds are involved in cannabis. They work together in synchronicity to give healing to all cells by using the energy of neurological transmitters between the cells, to communicate just what the cells need—and then the whole “Entourage Effect” heals the body.

Unfortunately, the controversial cannabinoid of THC has been given notorious reputations, the kind that demand some oversight and regulations for health. But the arbitrary .03% of THC that is the illegal limit for Cannabis and the cause of all the cannabis legal repercussions—such as mandatory minimums, and forfeitures--needs drastically to be balanced with science.

But even in the beginning of the cannabis drug laws, there were studies reporting the benefits of cannabis as hemp. And the .03% THC became the real definition for “Industrial Hemp”, while all other cannabis above that limit was banned—globally and to the extent of be-heading violators of these laws.

Today we are focused on the UN Convention for Drug Laws, because of all the problems involved with all: drugs and foods, violence and human rights, Climate change and fossil fuels, water and meat-industries, politics and lobbying.

It is amazing to me that people do not take the time to learn about cannabis science, but they will. There is no way short of Armageddon if we do not pay attention. Science does not care about opinions, bias, prejudice, or prisons. Science can explain how cannabis works for good and bad effects.

The problem has been that the prohibition against cannabis for research on the subject since 1936
brain-washed many people, globally. Today we have science moving rapidly into every aspect of
cannabis because of the astonishing results, which are mostly beneficial.

The reason this is happening is that the prohibition was a war against nature and natural energies. As a result we have suffered through several decades of serious Climate Change. Fossil fuels and their effects have created toxic: environments, foods, water, air, soils, and sunlight.

All humans at this time are very exposed to these toxins, and their Immune Systems are totally
compromised. The body is now very toxic with dangerous cancers and other maladies since 1936, and this stresses the Immune System overtime. If we never had the prohibition, would we be in this mess right now?

Would the legalization and science of cannabis have changed our fuels and energies to natural resources instead of fossil fuels? The more we delved into that sinister prohibition propaganda, the further we got toxic and unable to use cannabis to answer the problems.

This book touches on all this and more. As now many patients around 4-9 years-old have been able to live without epileptic seizures, and cancer patients have healed by the thousands; we must see the compassion of this medicine, and the need for its powerful effects.

Science really is about compassion, as it calls for facts, proof, truth and reality. The universe is run on elements and laws like thermodynamics, gravity, temperature, and the elements that we found through science. Cannabis and healing are bound by those laws too.

By the time you finish this book, you will have the maps of this science and be able to understand how cannabis can save the world—and how we all can legalize cannabis. But if you don’t mind, I will skip the history of cannabis prohibition, as many videos and books (especially Jack Herer’s book “The Emperor Wears no Clothes” free online), abound on the Internet already, Google them.

The important thing to remember is that without the prohibition, we would probably already be in
harmony with the natural energies and elements of the Earth, without any Climate Change.

As you read this book, it will guide you to through the science of Cannabis, and you will learn new words like Entourage Effect, Terpenes, Neural receptors, Anandamide, AG2, CB1, CB2, THC, and CBD.

But I will attempt to explain with science and facts that can be understood by most people. So, open your mind and get ready; you are on the most astonishing adventure of all time, and your consciousness will be expanding as fast as you can catch up to it.

This is not about stoners and hippies, this is about the reality of the most important plant on Earth, The #1 Green Sustainable plant called “Cannabis”. Possibly the most powerful medicine, food, fuel, paper, plastic, nanoparticle, graphene, 3D printing potential, and agent of homeostasis in your body.

Only truth seekers who can grasp facts and science will begin to understand. I will explain as we go along, about the science and metaphors. It takes understanding that cannabis is on our side and not a demon, that it  can heal us of whatever we need, practically.

So, open your mind & get ready, Grasshopper, because our whole world is involved in The Cannabis Paradigm. You can be ahead of the game or in the bar, but what you seek is homeostasis and a clean world, harmoniously working with nature, with peace, with health and happiness everywhere—and that makes it happen.

And it will continue for a very long time, because cannabis is about common sense.

                                               Come Dance with the Cannabis Paradigm

The United States government quietly patented Cannabis over a decade ago, earmarking specifically CBD as a possible healing medicine in the process. GW Pharmaceuticals and the Israeli Army also came on board supporting Mechoulam and his work.

The seemingly quiet reality of these facts, causes us to wonder why the drug war waged globally and especially within the USA and the Federal government, while DEA etc. are on an irrational program of control, punishment and nonsense.

Currently, we must understand that these federal agencies have just been following the prohibition laws as co-dependent addicts to the power and money it all generates. Whereas, the truth and the facts tell a different story, one tied to graft, corruption and fossil fuel lobbies plotting mini-wars.

Truly the best way to understand Cannabis Science is to watch the free video called “The Scientist” online. And it goes in depth on Dr. Mechoulam’s history and findings.

If you really want to learn about the Cannabis Paradigm, start with watching this movie:

The Cannabis Paradigm
    By Roger Lothamer for Capitol Seed

Ever since Dr. Mechoulam’s discovery of the cannabis receptors in the human body, the world has paid attention.

The most valued medicine in history, cannabis science was a mystery until Mechoulam.

Now hundreds of experts learn from him, as publicly his early years of studies were at the height of the “Drug War” when he had to be discreet.