The WMD Smoking Gun in the War on Cannabis/Hemp;
Weapons of Mass Disinformation via Patent 6,630,507 B1

                   Written by Roger Lothamer February 4th 2015

The war on Cannabis is a misnomer, its distasteful, bold-face lies encouraging us to go to war...waging wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on terrorism, wars for petroleum, wars on Hemp and Cannabis etc.?

Well, I just found the “smoking gun” of the war against cannabis/hemp. It’s a different kind of WMD phenomenon; instead of the usual Weapons of Mass Destruction, in this case WMD stands for Weapons of Mass Disinformation.

The question arises when we listen to the US Federal bureaucracy about the subject of medical marijuana or industrial hemp; the bureaucracy says there are no known or proven benefits as a medicine or as a green sustainable resource.

Obviously there is more research than ever published online in this last few years about the subject. So why is there a blatant lie about the reason, and undermining the fact that for over 70 years of prohibition it has been banned as a schedule 1 narcotic?

The conundrum is obvious when one looks at the Federal Government’s claim on the patent filed by the US Department of Health and Human services as Patent US 6,630,507 B1 in Oct. 7, 2003; coupled with the research of “The Father of Marijuana Research” Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

The reality is that the smoking gun is now obviously found. Three months ago, Daily Bell (dot com) published an exclusive interview with the Israeli medical scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who discovered and defined the cannabinoid system in the human body back in the last century.

In 1963 his research group determined the structure of CBD (cannabidiol) and by 1964 had isolated and synthesized THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive compound of cannabis.

"With a grant from the US National Institutes of Health He has collaborated with colleagues in Israel, the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy and Japan and consults for a pharmaceutical company.” Writes interviewer Anthony Wile.

Wile gets right to the smoking gun by asking Mechoulam at the beginning of the interview, “The US National Institute of Health has provided you with funding for research, perpetually since the early 1960s, when you first provided the institute with THC. However, cannabis remains a Schedule I substance (high potential for abuse; no medical value) in the US, and thus researchers are often unable to get cannabis samples, or cannabis of high quality, for study. Why has NIH funded you?”

Dr.  Mechoulam responded, “As a few young people in the US were apparently using cannabis in the 1960s (and later), NIH wanted to know all about it.” NIDA, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) has a Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to Dr. Mechoulam by the Director of NIDA, NIH, Bethesda, September 2011.

After 50 years of clinical research, Dr. Mechoulam says, “Medical cannabis should be legal, but well regulated (as are almost all medicinal agents)...of specific value to the medical area: cannabidiol, cannabidiol derivatives and specific CB2 agonists.”

Dr. Mechoulam’s recent research is focused on the chemical psychological effects of cannabinoids. He says, “If subtle chemical disparity is one of the causes for the variability in personality—an area in psychology that is yet to be fully understood—we may have to look for a large catalog of compounds in the brain with distinct CNS effects. Is it possible that the … large cluster of chemically related anandamide-type compounds in the brain is related to the chemistry of the human personality and the individual temperamental differences?”

Dr. Mechoulam wraps it up with this observation: “It is tempting to assume that the huge possible variability of the levels and ratios of substances in such a cluster of compounds may allow an infinite number of individual differences, the raw substance which of course is sculpted by experience. The known variants of CB1 and FAAH genes ... may also play a role in these differences. If this intellectual speculation is shown to have some factual basis, it may lead to major advances in molecular psychology.”

So, with this news, it seems NIH, as a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, is encouraging big Pharma to develop new medicines based on cannabinoids. In fact, when you go to the NIH website there is more information on the real benefits and tests that prove the medicinal reality of Marijuana.

The smoking gun of Cannabis/Hemp prohibition by our US Federal Government is based on myths, bias, bigotry, and punishment. There is not only plenty of scientific medical proof available now, there are also millions of people who need to access this medicine.

Thus all the 800,000 pot prisoners per year are being railroaded and side-tracked, while the medicine and the plants are still banned as the most dangerous drugs this side of pure poison. The cost of this “war” has been millions of people and uncountable families that have been punished for using a benign medicine.

The ones to benefit from this have been the DEA and the Justice Department with all the fines, forfeitures, and financial allocations for their drug war. It is known to be their “cash cow” for covert operations and controlling dissidents. It is involved in billions of dollars, and the DEA drug-warriors are co-dependently addicted and dysfunctional about it. As they say, "Follow the money..."

Especially when it comes to Industrial Hemp, the Federal Government should have the common sense to see that hemp is the #1 green sustainable resource on the planet—because it is the main resource to use according to Climate-Change science.

Prohibition of hemp is not logical in a world that has huge environmental problems. If anything, it is certainly time to use green sustainable resources more than ever, and hemp is the biggest green resource of them all.

Take action and ask your legislators to consider the common sense in allowing hemp to be treated like all the other plants. Ask them for the sakes of jobs, economy, ecology, and local sustainability to legalize industrial hemp in your towns, counties, states, and nations. Click HERE: Help the United Nations' 2016 decision-making conference on the Global drug laws and environmental actions addressing climate-change.

Copyright 2015 & Written by Roger (Neriah) Lothamer,
Chief Facilitator of Eugene Industrial Hemp and Capitol Seed, in Oregon USA

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