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Written by Roger Lothamer

Open Letter To Hemp Farmers Worldwide

Capitol Seed is an Oregon based company focused on industrial hemp and hi% CBD seeds & plants.

We currently have several thousand hi% CBD viable seeds and want to sell and track them here in USA. We are just starting up, and have had a summer harvest of CBD seeds that were from seedmaster Ringo in N. California. The seeds are 6 generations set and we are testing out at 17% CBD from them.

We are interested in trying the services you offer. I am not sure if you can or will work with USA companies at this time, but I would like to establish a business relationship on seeds for industrial hemp farmers and seeds for hemp food products.

I have taken the industrial hemp class at OSU and I am familiar with most of Canada's research and processes on hemp. For the last several years I have focused on green sustainability and industrial hemp research online. I have very comprehensive resources researched already.

We are starting a program to apprentice those who want to learn this industry. We are connecting with you and other Canadian companies for the purpose of developing a North American Industrial Hemp Trade Organization. This so we can mutually benefit from the market in the USA.

I look forward to an alliance of Canadian Industrial Hemp and USA Industrial Hemp. Rather than competing as neighbors in the market, let's become the biggest industrial hemp group in the world!

I would like to suggest a mutually beneficial relationship with Canadian farmers and seed providers.

My research shows that the majority of products sold in 2014 were consumed by Americans. We already work with Dave Seber of Hemp Shield, who has been getting his hempseed oil from Canada for years. We are planning to locally help him get his hemp needs met here in Oregon.

We understand when Dave talks, he talks as an expert in his field. He, along with many others, is concerned about the outdated laws internationally being imposed on the free trade agricultural techniques of bio materials as prolific as hemp is.

We also are consulting with our old friend Don E Wirtshafter who is on the Advisory Board of Nutiva. We plan to grow industrial hemp seed for food industry and bio-diesel resources too.

Needless to say we are looking for viable hemp seed for our farmers to plant this April in Oregon. We would prefer Canadian hemp at this time. China is not only unpredictable with shipping and quality, Europe is too far too, as we are careful of environmental effects and costs of shipping.

So, please communicate to me what we could possibly arrange for: using your services or resources, to enable getting viable hemp seeds for our farmers to plant, and purchasing Canadian industrial hemp seeds grown for food products to sell until our harvests come in.

I recently went to the Oregon state agriculture department for a public input meeting. Our state Agricultural Department is ready to order seeds and allow permits for farmers to grow it now.

I deeply respect and appreciate the Canadian industrial hemp industries, they have proven the reality of hemp farming is viable. I am now asking for collaboration and interaction with your industries as a possible joint ventures.

Obviously, we need people to work with, people who are professionally experienced in the industrial hemp agricultural areas. And we are looking for products to sell until we are growing and manufacturing our own.

In other words, we are looking for people and companies in Canada as consultants, affiliates, trainers, or coaches to set up our state's industrial hemp farmers with the viable seeds, equipment, drying and storing facilities, and industrial hemp agricultural techniques.

Oregon is one of the most eco-friendly and environmentally conscious States in The USA. Perhaps also one of the poorest in the nation, being the majority of our population is rural. But also the #1 in the USA for growing cannabis with more growers per capita than any other state.

Our values here in Oregon are healthy and robust. We have major activists here that have been taught and trained by Jack Herer. We have the most conscious laws possible about cannabis and industrial hemp. We are gearing up to be the major hemp resource state, our goal is to be better than Kentucky ever was.

Rather than competitive capitalism, we are focused on the environmental results of using industrial hemp for local community green sustainability. We see the importance of industrial hemp being able to offset the carbon and sequester it, as well as we see its importance for local food, oil, energy, building etc.

Rather than compete with Canadian, European, or Asian companies, we would like to work together with them and others world-wide to develop mutually sustaining programs for products AND the healing of the environment. Starting with a Canadian and USA alliance of hemp industries, we could focus on North American sustainability and heal the pollution of fossil fuels for our children's sakes.

I ask you to consider that if any other countries & USA joint venture on this, it could change the whole landscape of the Industrial Hemp Industry. We know it will be profitable as well as healing. And we know we have a climate change clock ticking away fast, so we are dedicated here in Oregon to become the most green sustainable as soon as possible, using hemp as the main resource.

Please consider this well and get back to me with a reply soon. We are not here to steal your customers, we are your customers. Join with us on the adventure of targeting the carbon problem by using industrial hemp as the main local, green sustainable resource for our citizens.

I would like to get the ball rolling on this. After the meeting with the Agriculture Department recently, some of us networked on some strategies for even quicker implementation. One of our members has been growing industrial hemp in Oregon for over 15 years already.

We are aware of newer approaches and ways to deal with the laws about the hemp realities and are addressing them head-on; if based on opinions instead of science and facts proven, then it becomes a political semantics game.

For the sake of climate change offsets, the more hemp grown globally the more carbon is offset and sequestured. And if the end product has no thc, then it should not matter that any hemp grown that has higher thc levels raw, is manufactured into products that in the final product to the consumer is not present at all.

Controls on varieties needs to factor in the range of types of products hemp creates. For certain manufacturing needs specific stains are needed. And control on farmers planting seeds next year from their harvests should not hamper in any way the legal right of growing hemp like any other agricultural crop and the rights for farmers to plant seeds they have grown.

We globally are looking for a future that is not clashing with Nature. The transportation of materials and products, causes a big part of the environment's problem. 3D printing is looking like it could change all that. And with hemp, we also have the chance to see 3D created products made from hemp graphene nano particals.

Already touted as a fast conducting electricity potential, hemp is used now for super-capacitors too. Then there are the plastics, composites, pressed board, and hempcrete industries lifting their heads to see the unlimited potential of the world's #1 green sustainable resource.

Consider new attitudes and options now about hemp. The antiquated laws are not up to par with contemporary science. Our country's forefathers used hemp daily and mandated farmers use at least 10% of their land for it. That was back when "organic" was everything natural, today we pay for what is organic as an extra expense. 

President Jefferson sent his agents, at risk of their lives, to China to steal the exclusive Emperor's hemp/cannabis seeds for him to plant the best. As one of the industrialized nations, we are one of the very few that have as yet to legalize hemp. But we are close!

Possibly this year here the Hemp Bill will pass on the federal level. We are ready for hemp here in Oregon already with the law here allowing it. We are going to plant our first hemp fields this April-May.

I am looking for serious joint-ventures and ways people could get trained here in hemp industrial and agricultural processes. We are working with our state Agriculture Department, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, The Oregon State University and various farmers in Oregon.

We are a clearinghouse of information and networking resources for cannabis/hemp implementation. We encourage thinking outside the box. Most of all, we are dedicated to green sustainability and implementation of industrial hemp as the #1 local resource for most local community needs.

Respectfully seeking your reply,

Roger Lothamer & Donnie Harbick


Chief Facilitators of Capitol Seed and Eugene Industrial Hemp