I wonder if this year could be Industrial Hemp’s historical return. Certainly has been a flood of information and political action since Hemp History Week ran rampant through our nation. As I was pondering the aftermath, the Internet kept reporting that the snowball is rolling down the financial mountain against all odds, and people are waking up.

It isn’t the hippies either, it is the business sector that is jumping onboard the Industrial Hemp wagon. Wall Street Journal and Forbes are reporting favorably on the financial landscape of cannabis; and the publicly traded Marijuana Inc. and Hemp Inc. are making steady profits for their stockholders.

Several state legislatures are not waiting for citizen’s initiatives—they are going after the rising financial resource of Industrial Hemp AND Medical/Recreational Marijuana. Both of which are projected to become a major Trillion dollars per year global market.

The chink in the DEA armor seems to be that they have no facts to prove their position is correct, and the economics of hemp is being proven world-wide. Mostly because it really is an abundant resource for so many things—50,000 types of products are manufactured with hemp currently.

That will grow exponentially as the newer developments in the building industry with hemp-crete and hemp-plastics takes off. Also, Hemp-seed-protein rivals all other proteins on Earth, and beats them hands down for healthy sustainability and vitality; hemp will revolutionize the food industry.

And the hemp seed oils are super powerful healing agents for everything. For physical health, body/hair cleansing, anti-oxidants, hand lotions, massage oils, and edible fiber.

On the fabric fiber end, new studies show it lasts longer than synthetics now because of new growing techniques for industrial hemp. Plus tests prove that hemp clothes will protect you from getting staph. Cotton uses more pesticides than any plants, and nylon-type fabrics are made from petroleum oil. Obviously, hemp is a better green sustainability resource than many natural fibers.

Fuel? Hardly anything grows as much annual usable mass as a hemp plant for methane production. And imagine the light weight bodies of cars and planes made of hemp—with the tinsel strength of steel! That’ll save some fuel costs.

And for building resources and all plastic needs, nothing is cleaner and safer for the environment than hemp press-board, hemp-crete, and hemp-plastics. Everything made out of petroleum and tree-lumber is polluting and depleting a limited resource—AND

80-90% of those products could be made with hemp instead. Now there’s a real nobrainer to consider for our future on the planet.

One thing’s for sure, the people are starting to see that the emperor wears no clothes when it comes to understanding the #1 natural renewable resource on Earth. And with the down-economy and lack of jobs, it seems like a reasonable thing for our country to consider Industrial hemp. 

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin not only used industrial hemp, they promoted it and supported it as a regular resource for the people.

Our American history is totally tied to hemp, our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written on it. The ships’ hemp ropes and hemp sails brought us here. The roman roads that conquered the world were made of hemp-crete and some still exist today. Yes, Industrial Hemp is “history”—and the past history is no longer going to be a prohibition soon. The future history of Industrial Hemp is what to watch happening now.

The farmers and manufacturers will benefit, so will our local sustainability. The environment might start healing and the greedy exploitations of 3rd World resources might end. Maybe even common sense will begin to be popular among political leaders and the oil-wars will cease.

Industrial Hemp certainly is not a pipe-dream, and its real history is about to be written. Roll up your sleeves and dig in. It’s “historical” and it’s the future. If you want local green sustainability—hemp can provide the most sustainable, non-toxic resource available on the planet for your community.

This is an historical moment: the return of hemp in our life. This is history being made.


The #1 Green Sustainable Resource on Earth

Hemp History in America

Written by Roger Lothamer


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