Hemp Civil Rights

                                      Written By Roger Lothamer

As a lifelong hemp activist, at 68 years old, I know most of hemp prohibition is based on illegal and unconstitutional legislation. I have seen it all make tons of money for the government, and witnessed the heartlessness of the anti-medical-marijuana lobbies--even the Pope doesn't have compassion enough on this.

Putting aside the recreational aspect and just looking at the industrial hemp and medical components in the seed, stems, roots, flowers, and carbon sequestering abilities of Cannabis--ALONG WITH the industrial hemp potential we have, (as US citizens are the main consumers of hemp products) we now have created a door into the INDUSTRIAL HEMP ....uhhhhhhhh, research…but not quite federally legal.

Well, the reality is that the original ban on cannabis was definitely a plot, a travesty, and the cause of most of the infrastructure of our country to be based on petroleum and other fossil fuels. We all know what that has done to our country--massive deforestation, pollution, and the oil/drug wars.

Just factor in the amount of the uncompassionate imprisoning of 800,000+ people annually for pot possession--and you see the real problem.

The attitude forced on Americans with the pot-improper-ganda of the 1930’s, was that pot was the Devil's weed. This at a time when the American Medical Association prescribed the majority of its patients Indian Hemp based formulas and remedies. Not to mention that the AMA doctor sent to testify against the law in committee was also a lawyer, and was flabbergasted as he was attacked on the stand as "...not cooperating with the government on this law."

So, consider:

  • That all the timber cut since the 1938 Bill prohibiting marijuana,
  • AND Hemp was not only a loss for our economy,
  • And environment,
  • But a Civil Rights Violation by the federal government as well.


  • Add up the costs subsidizing the petroleum pollution and the other fossil fuels,
  • Add the costs of the environmental damages of those industries,
  • Then add the projected economic and environmental costs to our foods and bodies,
  • And the cost of the wars over oil and drugs-

And then consider:

  • The real hidden costs still are not known--things like costs of Climate Change and Carbon overdose,
  • Factor in government lobbying for supporting American oil subsidies,
  • Not only exploiting here with the worst technique, fracking,
  • But also allowing American corporations to destroy the Amazon, the Arctic poles, the glaciers, and the basic water supplies of the world--to be ripped off from the citizens of other countries in a polluting and murderous manner.

Think about that; and the ban on Industrial Hemp, which still is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance.

There has never been definitive proof that hemp is deserving of such classification by any clinical, educational, medical clinical tests, industry white papers, Supreme Court judicial trials, Medical organizations research, or honest government studies. Mostly because the feds only allow tests that will prove their pet arguments are right.

Does anybody consider the fact that we would not be in this Industrial Age pollution with huge environmental catastrophes IF we had not banned hemp?

I fail to see how true "green sustainability" even could be possible without industrial hemp.

What are our peaceful resources to get "redress of grievances" as activists? Look at the US Constitution's Bill of Rights. Our civil rights have been massively violated since 1938.

The Marijuana Prohibition law was passed illegally, prohibiting hemp--it is an "unconstitutional" Act that Anslinger forced on us and the rest of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if other countries started suing us because of what we have caused. And now with the 2016 deadline for solutions, the U.N. has a priority on human rights involved in the environmental climate change problems.

In a way, this is my plea to the lawyers and activists on this cause: that the industrial hemp issue is harming us if we do not assert our civil rights, and sue in courts for fines and prison time, under the Civil Rights Law.

I am astonished that NORML does not file this as a class action case.

Why am I astonished? Because they filed one in Humboldt a dozen+ years ago against the pot harvest raids and started a class action suit that the government backed out of 3 years later. The judge mandated fines for damages to property & person, as well as protocol that said the LEOs would be read, before any raid, the civil rights they may not violate, as well as they had to carry a card on themselves that listed those civil rights.

USA is a unique country. When you feel that your civil rights are violated, you can tell that to the government officials and any officials that have sworn the oath required to hold public office--and that is the oath to uphold the US Constitution.

All who take that oath are liable for Civil Rights Violations if they break their oath. They can be imprisoned and/or fined; if the officials are told and do not cease violating you, they too are liable for court. If you tell their supervisor and they do nothing to stop it, then they too can be sued.

The Civil Rights' Movements for the African Americans, the Women's Rights, The Gay Rights, Environmental Movement Rights, and now the Hempsters' Rights are, and were, needed for the real laws of the Constitution to be protected for each and every American Citizen.

All just because it is illegal to grow the #1 Green Sustainable Resource on the Planet Earth! Do real activists allow this?

It makes no sense whatsoever, the most illogical idea ever in fact, to prohibit hemp in any manner other than differentiating it from thc, which is the current legal definition anyway!

Other than filing a class action suit, we could be stalled a long time on hemp. I suppose we could grow, harvest, manufacture and sell hemp products as a non-violent civil disobedience and "redress of grievances" like Gandhi and his people.

But really, why not start a national hemp class action, civil rights suit against the federal government's DEA, FBI, AG Dep't, ATF, legislators, and the lobbies that support the prohibition?

The only other thing that relates at all is the the case of the 2 activists that blocked a ship from delivering coal to a power plant in the US. The case was dropped by the D.A. because he and his department agreed that it was a serious situation for our children's future. 

The judge ruled it was a non-violent, civil-rights case deserving no penalty because of the relevant threat of Climate Change. That was major news at the NY Climate Change march for many non-violent activists eager to test the precedent.

If you do think the hemp ban is worth the civil rights suit, are you willing to put your part of the energy up for it? Quite a campaign to imagine. It will take many people educating all concerned.

Most people do not realize that the problems of the economy, the drug war, and the environment-- actually makes the prohibition of industrial hemp important enough to start a national class action civil rights case for industrial hemp immediately. A third of the states have passed laws for it.

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Thanks for reading this,
Roger Lothamer