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Why We Grow CBD

By Roger Lothamer   for Capitol Seed

Charlotte's Web--Charlotte Figi >​​

​​​​​Dear Aching World, 

What If We Quit Allowing Nonsense To Be What Makes The Rules For Cannabis?

Today the Canadian Liberal Party took the reins with a Cannabis platform, and this last week California legalized recreational Cannabis, and Mexico is seriously considering to do so too. Obviously Cannabis is a political issue this year, even here in America; on both the Republican and Democrat Presidential debates it was obviously the elephant in the room.

Now, if only the U.S. Federal Government were able to function in a true democracy, perhaps Americans could finally make sense out of all the shenanigans of various Federal bureaucracies. With 3 Federal Bills for Cannabis lingering on the tables of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives—what is the problem?

Why do we have high percentages of THC legal in half our states, but Industrial Hemp at the low .3%THC level is even more hampered by old DEA propaganda? Why does the federal legislature have to emphasize to the DOJ & DEA again this last week, that they really must not go against state laws any more, in those states that have passed legislation?

The obvious co-dependency of the DEA & DOJ is so against the real meaning of modern democracy that they make fools of themselves, and they are making a laughing stock of America in the face of other countries like Canada and Mexico.

Reality is that the research, and information, has quickly caught on in America; and anyone even slightly curious can find the amazing cannabis education flooding in virally online. Not to mention the many dramatic cases of children being cured of epilepsy and turrets syndrome, definitely Charlotte and Dr. Gupta have the proof on video.

In fact, if you are willing to learn how real it is—and I mean really how it is to be a small infant, or a parent who has an infant, suffering from these ravishing diseases, just how it really feels to have, or watch, hundreds of debilitating seizures daily. Especially if it is your child, what would you do as a parent? Would you be like the thousands of parents that have moved their families to Colorado, so their kids could get the medicine that is only legal in a few states?

If you watch the video below, you will see a compassionate response created by a family that developed Charlotte’s Web, the strain of cannabis with high% CBD. You will also see Charlotte go from hundreds of seizures to 1 a week in a very short time.

If you haven’t felt like crying with a compassionate heart, this healing will erupt the volcano of love within you, and help you understand that our children are suffering because we allow the prohibition of Cannabis.

Watch this video and learn why these parents take the risk, if they even try to leave Colorado at all with the medicine. These draconian laws have caused too much suffering and tremendous expense. Literally, we are allowing our children to die rather than learn about this medicine.

So, please view the video by clicking here now!

Begin to understand the parents who get CBD medicine to their suffering children, while having to move to another state where laws allow it, and where their suffering children have the availability of the only medicine in the world that can do this.