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    The Giants In the global room not being mentioned, wake up!

           Commentary by Roger Lothamer for Capitol Seed dot com 11/11/2015

Catalonia wants to secede from Spain because of financial reasons:.Monday Nov. 9th 2015 the Catalonians voted to do so, amidst serious concerns of the European Union. Many experts claim that this political election will affect the European financial balance and cause a domino effect into economic collapse.

We all know that changes need to be made in all governments, as climate change realities demand. Even in the USA there are a majority of states that have passed state laws for Cannabis, and they still have to fight the U.S. Federal Bureaucracies to do so.

Even if every country in the world was sovereign in reality, but not in sync with the political methods currently on the books, we would see this problem. Imagine what the United Nations has to deal with on this now. It is a problem many saw coming long ago.

It doesn’t help when companies like Exxon greedily pollute with fossil fuels, especially when they know it causes environmental problems. But we see what that has brought into our awareness: lack of transparency, honesty, and lack of integrity amongst our corporations and banks.

If you were the king or queen of the whole world, how would you deal with this? Historically, it has always been authoritarian control of citizens that has formed our governments and created laws. Starting with the warlords of antiquity, every wannabe Caesar, Napoléon, Hitler, and Alexander the Great wanted to rule the world.

Catalonia was inundated by the Spanish dictator Franco, and Catalonians were forced to join Spain again, rather than reaffirm their independence after Franco was replaced. But all Catalonians have always been independent-minded, and now more than ever, as Spain’s government causes Catalonia to feel not appreciated. Catalonia has contributed 20% of the GNP of Spain for a long time now. But they think they do not get treated fairly on recouping that 20% in government assistance.

As an analogy, Catalonia in Europe is like California in the U.S., they both have better economies than the other countries or states in each nation.  Money is scarce these days and we know bullshit walks and money talks.

Well, we see plenty of bullshit, and very scarce money. And we see the end of our world, possibly on our doorstep. What would you suggest to the U.N.? Would you say, “Hey, I want the U.S. Federal government to back down on cannabis prohibition”? Or would you say “ban cannabis world-wide”?

Cannabis will give us food, fiber, energy, plastic, fuel, electricity, 3D building, and a several thousand other green sustainable resources and products. Plus it deals with climate change better than anything else, it eats carbon up and sequesters it. AND it is a powerful healing agent for cancer, diabetes, pain, swelling, epilepsy, seizures, menstrual cramps, and myriads of other symptoms.

Do you see the metaphor here? Cannabis money versus fossil fuel money! Fossil fuel industries have destroyed our infrastructure and internal systems, as well as causing the economic and environmental problems.

IN FACT, if the world had not prohibited Cannabis/hemp, then the fossil fuel bandits would not be the 2% and the climate change would not be happening. Which is why most of us activists that have legalized cannabis in the USA have fought this pot war for the last 40 years.

For instance, what if the U.S. government banned all fossil fuels? And what if they banned any laws against cannabis? What would the world be like? Do you think it would continue to cause more problems, or less?

Wait a minute! I can show you pictures of the Amazon devastation, the raging fires of Indonesia, the hugest hurricanes in history, the melting of all ice on the planet, the hottest temperatures ever in civilized history, the environmental losses—these things all just offset any excuses, and if you think kings or presidents are going to save the day—WAKE UP!
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…Pay attention—that is the only price to do this.

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