Cannabis: Food, Drug, or Medicine?   ​Written by Roger Lothamer for Capitol Seed

Cannabis is a plant. A simple plant with many resources. It is perhaps the most nutritious food on Earth. It has the healthiest protein that humans can eat. Amino acids and anti-oxidants abound in Cannabis, more than most plants. It has all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. The raw juice of Cannabis with hempseed are capable of sustaining human life with more homeostasis and health than any plant.

Health is balance of the whole body, achieving full potential, and sustainable health.

To do this, the body has been supplied with two major “systems” supporting the primary systems of blood, nerves, and all the other systems for essential functions of the body.

The first is the Immune system that deals with staying healthy. The second is the Endocannabinoid System, capable of curing through communication-neurotransmitters.

All mammals and many other species, have both of these key systems that monitor the functional body systems. When the Immune System needs the Endocannabinoid system to help it, the endocannabinoids work together to create an entourage synchronicity that scans cells and seeks for cells that need healing; for example cancer, pain, and swelling. The united endocannabinoids work energetically with the neurotransmitters to communicate healing to the cells.

One of the many problems we currently have is a compromised Immune System in human bodies. Caused by the last century’s environments; toxic water, toxic air, and toxic foods have attacked our Immune Systems.

During that time, fossil fuels had become the energy systems humans used. The result of all this is that we suffer more every day that we do not change this system. It has destroyed our body’s immunity, and is destroying our environment.

Common sense says this plant called Cannabis is a better system. Cannabis is the best food for the body. For the Endocannabinoid System to work, it needs Cannabis. Cannabis has been illegal during all the fossil fuel toxicity, whereas it could have been the system for all our energy, including the energy of the body.

What made it illegal was opinion and bias and racial hatred. Not the science, because they had some science but refused to give it attention other than to call it names, and to punish the poor.

Today we are on the brink of disasters, yet within our grasp is this other system taking over—by the science of Cannabis. A majority of our states recognize Cannabis has positive properties. Yet the slow and antiquated Federal Bureaucracies are still biased with their own agendas.

Yes Cannabis is a food, it is also legally a drug. Drugs are defined by controlled-substance laws. Cannabis is at the top of that list. But even if they scheduled it any lower, it would have to be off the list as a controlled substance before it would, or could, be everyday life. Cannabis would be accepted as fast as all the advantages are understood by the community.

Still, only because of the THC, Cannabis is ignored by the federal government players, who make the laws and regulations. Yet several states now boast of how high THC levels can be obtained. So, yes, Cannabis is a drug. The FDA will be involved and they recently touted, “It ain’t a food or drug unless we say so.”

With Cannabis comes Hemp. Poor humble plant that it is, hemp can save our world, yet it suffers most from the prohibition. Hemp is the part of Cannabis that can create green sustainability for our communities. It can replace practically all fossil fuels for our energy. It can make breathable homes, plastics stronger than steel, stop deforestation, and detox contaminated soil. It is the key player in 3D printing and nano technology, electric conductivity, graphene, bio-tech, and carbon sequestering.

Cannabis can heal us in many ways. If we pay attention to the science; it is a food, a drug, a climate change resource, a building and energy resource; and that makes Cannabis the medicine for our climate change, our energy systems, and our bodies.

Common sense may not always rule, but once it becomes common it makes sense.

If Will Rogers were alive today, he would be twirling his rope and chuckling at the politicians who listen to lobbies rather than citizens…and I bet his rope would be made of Cannabis hemp.