• Industrial Hemp Seeds for Planting

  • Industrial Hemp Seed For Food

  • Industrial Hemp Fiber for Textiles

  • Industrial Hemp Paper & Cardboard

  • Industrial Hemp for Bio-fuel 

  • Industrial Hemp Plastic & Ceramics

  • Industrial Hemp for Hemp-crete

  • Industrial Hemp for Insulation

  • Industrial Hemp for Pressed Board

  • Industrial Hemp for Composites

From Our Fields to Yours

It’s important to know what you’re growing.

And it’s even more important to know what you aren’t growing.

We want you to know that all of our seeds are pesticide-free.

Our seeds are not only organic, but we also ensure safe

and green manufacturing and facility processes.

Our Top 5 Seed Crops This Season

We want you to know about the seeds we have on hand for you this year. The industrial hemp seeds are still being worked on. The Oregon State Agricultural Department says that we will have seeds by April 2015. We do however now have Oregon, organically grown, viable CBD seeds from our 2014 harvest in a limited supply. Contact us if you are interested.

A New Generation of Farming

We take pride in how we get our land and our seed crops ready for your Industrial Hemp manufacturing needs.



The #1 Green Sustainable

Seed For:

  • Food Protein
  • Fabric Fibers
  • Bio-composites
  • Bio-fuels
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Pressed Board
  • Hemp-crete
  • Hemp Plastics
  • Hemp Ceramics
  • ​Hemp Insulation




Our products are shipped directly to your home in eco-friendly packaging that you can recycle with us. 

We only reap the healthiest seeds for you and your needs.

All of our crops are treated with a pesticide-free agent that repels pests in a natural way. 

Organic Non-GMO Hemp Seed 
& Organic CBD Seed Strains

 Grown In Oregon,

 The Grass Plant Seed Capitol

Varieties For Diverse Hemp Industrial Manufacturing Needs:

  • Certified Healthy Seeds 
  • Guaranteed Viable Seeds
  • Industrial Hemp Seeds 
  • High% CBD Seeds
  • Agricultural Counseling
  • Farmers' Co-ops
  • Farmers' Services
  • Customized Manufacturing
  • Tissue Culturing



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